The Duplass Brothers’ Films (and TV Show) Ranked

     February 22, 2016


It’s unmistakable that the DIY champions of the mumblecore movement, Mark and Jay Duplass, have built something of an empire. To hear Mark Duplass tell it, he’d say the body of work he and Jay formed came as a result of a failure to become the Coen Brothers, but if you let nearly anyone else take a crack at explaining their success, the results are often far more flattering. The duo have been in the business for over a decade, and during that time have built a body of work defined by its reliable quality, unmistakable aesthetic consistency, and some of the most honest and human sensibilities indie film has to offer.  

Coming up alongside other indie juggernauts like Joe Swanberg and Andrew Bujalski, the Duplass Brothers have created a small but undeniably personal group of films, ranging from the intensely commercial to the rebelliously DIY. Filmmakers since Jay could manage to hoist a camera on his shoulders, the two have now formed a production company of their own (named, fittingly, Duplass Brothers Productions) responsible for films like Tangerine and The Overnight. But despite their intensely busy production schedule, the Duplass brothers have still found time for TV with HBO’s Togetherness, now in its second season.

As the series unfolds (the second season premiered this Sunday), we thought we would take a look at the brothers’ writer/director efforts, from their first trip to Sundance in 2006 to their recent mature television work. In honor of the second season of Togetherness, and whatever else they’ve got up their sleeves next, we’ve got all of the Duplass Brothers’ writer/director efforts, ranked from worst to best, for your viewing pleasure. (Note: this only applies to their collaborations as writers/directors, not just producers, and also excluding their solo acting gigs like Transparent and The League). Let’s get going.

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