The Best Fantasy and Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix

     June 25, 2020


In the mood to watch a genre series? Fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, or a touch of horror? Well we (and Netflix) have you covered. From classics like The Twilight Zone and Star Trek: the Next Generation to quirky series The Magicians and Legends of Tomorrow — not to mention great Netflix originals like Jessica Jones — below you’ll find a list of shows that might make for great discoveries or are just fun to watch again and again.

Like with our list of the Best TV Dramas on Netflix, we will keep rolling out more lists of TV subgenres on the streaming giant, including the Best ComediesBest Crime Dramas, and more. So if you don’t see you favorites here, keep checking! And of course, for a full list of everything Netflix has to offer TV-wise that we recommend, you can head over to our master list of The Best TV Shows on Netflix.

This list will continue to grow, but for now check out our list of the best fantasy (and supernatural and superheroric and sci-fi) shows on Netflix below, and let us know some of your other favorites in the comments: