The 23 Most Exciting Film Composers Working Today

     October 14, 2016


The work of a film composer, if all goes according to plan, is meant to go unnoticed. A film’s score is meant to support the scenes and characters in an almost subconscious way, to move the audience without them knowing they’re being moved. Of course, great film scores can’t go unnoticed—they’re unforgettable. But oftentimes the work of a composer is undervalued. It’s a vital aspect of filmmaking, and one that can make all the difference between a scene connecting with an audience or not.

So, in the spirit of continuing Collider’s effort of highlighting all aspects of filmmaking, I’ve assembled a list of some of the best film composers working today. It includes both incredibly obvious veterans and up-and-comers with maybe only a couple of works under their belt, as each and every one of the composers highlighted here brings something special to the filmmaking community. So take a look (and listen) below.

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