The Best Movies You Can Stream for Free with Your Library Card

     November 1, 2019


It’s a good time to be a fan of “content.” You have a wild amount of streaming services at your disposal, from Netflix to Hulu to Amazon to Disney+ and more. But what do all of these convenient services have in common? Their not so convenient prices. All of these platforms, and platforms like them, make you shell out a monthly fee to access their library of movies. Don’t you wish there were platforms that gave you awesome flicks to stream for free? With something as simple as, say, your library card? Guess what, jabroni: There is.

If you have a public or university library card, you likely have access to two incredible streaming services: Kanopy and Hoopla. Trust me — they aren’t just offering direct-to-digital junk to watch. These services have movies of sterling quality, and boast amazing titles from cinematic wishlists like the A24 library, the Criterion Collection, and more. With movies spanning every genre and decade, Kanopy and Hoopla are the game-changing streaming services that no one’s talking about. Is it because they’re related to the library, and libraries aren’t cool? Trick question, jabroni: Libraries are the coolest fucking thing we’ve got.

So if your public or university library is one of many across the nation that has access to these services, and you’re ready to connect with them, we’ve got some of the best films worth your time — films that currently aren’t available on any other streaming service. Get your library cards ready — and start streaming.

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