Every Single Jason Kill in the ‘Friday the 13th’ Franchise Ranked

     October 17, 2020


Jason Vorhees, the undeniable king of violent physical comedy, has killed a number of people since his first murderous outing in 1981’s Friday the 13th Part 2. He’s a homicidal harlequin, and I have enjoyed his antics ever since I was old enough to cause my 2nd grade teacher to request a meeting with my parents.


Image via Tom Reimann

Over the decades, the Friday the 13th franchise has provided Jason with a number of opportunities to kill the absolute shit out of his victims in delightfully inventive ways. To celebrate A) Halloween, B) the 40th anniversary of the original Friday the 13th, and C) the release of Scream Factory’s incredible Friday the 13th box set, I have compiled a complete list of every single Jason Vorhees kill in the Friday series, ranking each one according to bodacity, brutality, and general awesomeness. Please note that I have omitted the two films in which Jason did not appear (Part 1 and Part 5), as well as any deaths that were not directly caused by Jason. You are free to disagree with my rankings, but please be aware that you are wrong.

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