All the ‘Frozen 2’ Songs Ranked from Worst to Best

     March 16, 2020

You could say Frozen 2 is kind of a big deal. The film broke the box office record for the Thanksgiving holiday with $126.3 million, and its global debut of $358.5 million marks the largest worldwide opening weekend for an animated film ever. If past Disney animated hits are any indication, this thing is going to keep climbing and climbing throughout the holiday season, and then it’s destined to hit Disney+ next year, where it’ll be able to stream in perpetuity. That means if you’re a parent, you’re going to hear all these new Frozen 2 songs over and over and over again for a very long time. Just like the first Frozen.

The good news is the Frozen II songs are, on the whole, pretty good! Oscar-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez returned to try their hand at penning another “Let It Go”-sized megahit, and the results are solid. In fact, Frozen and Frozen II are both very much musicals in the classic Disney vein, and given that the Frozen 2 songs are pretty dynamic—and given that we, as humans on the internet, have an inherent propensity to rank things—we felt it prudent to rank all the new Frozen 2 songs from worst to best.

So yeah, we did just that. Below, you’ll find a definitive, be-all, end-all, officially official ranking of all the Frozen 2 songs by the world’s utmost authority on Disney songs—yours truly. Don’t @ me. These rankings were created using science and stuff. And no, we didn’t include outtakes, but “Get This Right” is incredibly good.

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