He’s the Man (of Steel): Henry Cavill’s 9 Best Movies Ranked

     September 23, 2020


Incredibly, we’ve been watching Henry Cavill in movies and TV shows for nearly 20 years. The square-jawed star’s first role was in the 2001 movie Laguna. As of September 23, his most recent role will be in Netflix’s  Enola Holmes, which also stars Millie Bobby Brown and Sam Claflin. From Laguna to Enola, Cavill has racked up 26 on-screen credits, with 19 of those consisting of his work in movies. Beyond those stats, it’s the shape of Cavill’s career that also intrigues. He began in supporting roles which frequently demanded little of him other than to show up and be, to some degree, a totally handsome dude. Luckily, Cavill’s been able to take on meatier roles which have helped push him and let him evolve as an actor in interesting ways.

To celebrate the release of Enola Holmes, which sees Cavill as the latest actor to don the Sherlock Holmes mantle, I wanted to whittle down his list of movie credits to what I believe are his best movies. And, because I love a good plot twist, I’ve decided to rank those movies not only based on how good they are but use Cavill’s performance in any given movie as a key deciding factor. So, what are Cavill’s best movies and how do they rank in the humble opinion of this writer? Keep scrolling and find out.

Allie Gemmill is the Weekend Contributing Editor for Collider. You can follow them on Twitter @_matineeidle.

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