The Best Kids Shows on Netflix Right Now

     May 24, 2020

Children’s entertainment has really gone through big changes through the decades. TV shows and movies used to appeal to kids with colorful, visually simplistic, and safe, heavily inspired by fairy tales and Disney shorts and movies.

Nowadays, there’s an overabundance of content available for people of all ages, with content that treats them as grown-ups and doesn’t talk down to them. Emotionally-charged TV shows for kids are now common ground, and epic adventures are no longer reserved for teenagers and adults. But like with every other aspect of the Peak TV era, too many TV series means you can’t possibly watch everything.

Now that we are all stuck at home, many of us with kids, what better time is there to go through Netflix’s vast catalog and pick the best TV series for kids? (And all titles are listed in Netflix’s own curated Kids TV Shows category, which we use as a metric for what’s age-appropriate.) There is something in this list for everyone, from educational, PBS-style animated shows about magic buses, to live-action shows about fighting evil, and classic anime. If you’re looking for the next series that will both entertain your kids and get them to appreciate a good story, you’ve come to the right place!

So check out our list of the best kids shows on Netflix below. And for movie recommendations, check out our list of the best family movies on Netflix.