Michael Mann Films Ranked: The Good, the Bad, and the ‘Public Enemies’

     May 21, 2020


Bleary sunsets, neon lights against wet streets, electric guitars and synths and electronic tom toms just wailing, professionals just being capital p Professionals, Al Pacino screaming “‘Cause she’s got a grrrRRREAT ASS!” Clearly, Michael Mann is one of our premiere film stylists, an auteur whose sensibilities and proclivities are defined and refined as early as his debut picture. In fact, the Chicago-born Mann, a tough-talker notorious for running tough sets built on authenticity over everything else, sometimes gets dinged for a “style over substance” approach, especially in his iconic TV work like Miami Vice. But underneath the hood — and especially underneath the hardened shields of his characters — there’s a ton going on in the engine.

Grab a pair of shades, get yourself some repressed trauma, and find either a pristine 35mm film camera or a prosumer digital video camera with a ton of noise: We’re ranking the best Michael Mann films, from his worst to his best.

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