50 Best Movie Posters of the 2010s

     November 27, 2019


I love movie posters.  I’ve had them littering my wall since middle school, and I’m always impressed when a studio takes a chance on a design that isn’t a floating head or a blue/orange color scheme.  Too often, studios play it safe, but when they go outside the box, they can come up with something you want to take out of the multiplex and bring home.  It not only sells the film; it elevates the film by mere association.

With the help of the exhaustive IMP Awards archives, I went through thousands of studio released posters (meaning no Mondo or other boutique posters) and whittled it down to the fifty I thought were the best.  These posters played with art style, perspective, or just went above and beyond in some way that was clever, daring, and unforgettable.  Every film on this list may not be great, but it definitely had a great poster.

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