The 13 Most Underrated Sequels of All Time

     July 23, 2020

Sequels, what a concept! Across the history of film, there’s no more varied bunch than the one found under the sequel umbrella. The existence of The Empire Strikes Back, Batman Returns, and Mad Max: Fury Road has proven some sequels can easily top their predecessors. The existence of Rocky V, Anchorman 2, and Terminator Genisys has proven some sequels are abominations better left forgotten. There’s a wide range here, but there’s no category more near and dear to my heart than underappreciated sequels. These are film follow-ups that are pretty good to downright great, but for one reason or another don’t get the love they deserve or, more often, people don’t even know they exist in the first place.

No more! Below, we recommend and respect the most underrated sequels of all time.

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