The 10 Best Movie Trailers of 2019, Ranked

     December 17, 2019

Maybe it’s my love for arriving to theaters early, maybe it’s my aggressively ADD-destroyed attention span, or maybe it’s my genuine affection for mopey slowed-down cover songs, but I love a good movie trailer. At their worst, they’re blatant marketing tools aimed right at your wallet, yeah. But at their best, trailers are snapshots of a film, the spirit of a movie distilled into a two-and-a-half-minute package.

And the trailer market is as crowded and confusing as ever. Marketing departments have gotten so dang good at this, you really only know if a movie is in trouble if the trailer can’t even make it look enticing. (Never forget, Suicide Squad came with one of the most exciting trailers of the decade.) This year was no different; 2019 was jam-packed with trailers that reached hype levels untouched by their own finished products. But below, you’ll find the ten that separated from the pack, either through stirring imagery, shocking reveals, or, uh, effects so nightmarish the world came together for just one day to collectively dunk on its furry head. I think you know the one.

Here are the ten best trailers of 2019, ranked:

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