A Map of the Best Movies of All Time

     June 12, 2010

The Best Movies Of All Time Map slice

Now here’s a subway we’d all like to take.  It seems a website called Vodkaster has created “The Best Movies Of All Time Map” much in the vein of those Lord of the Rings Flow Charts/Maps that circulated around the web a few months ago (we missed it).  It’s incredibly cool and detailed, even if the stops along the way don’t exactly make the most sense.

Starting with a series of “Universally Acclaimed Masterpieces” in the middle, such as Seven Samuari, Star Wars and Citizen Kane, it then branches off into sub genres such as the broad “Drama” and “Comedy,” to more specific ones like “Masterpiece about show business” and “Drama about tolerance.”

Hit the jump to look at the huge image.

What’s really cool about this map is all the debate and discussion it can create.  I mean, literally, you could grab three movies from this list and spend hours debating and talking about if they really go together.  For example, the last “Universally Acclaimed Masterpiece” on the line is Casablanca. No arguments there.  The films branching off from Casablanca, though, into all different directions, are Manhattan, WALL-E, Glory and Modern Times.  All great films to be sure, but how does Glory stem from Casablanca? And what about WALL-E grew out of that great film?

And that’s just one tiny connection on a map that must include several hundred films. Thanks to Doris_Egan on Twitter for the heads up on this really cool looking map, designed by David Honnorat.

Are there any connections here that make no sense to you? That make perfect brilliant sense? Let us know below.

And though many of you might have seen this a few months back, we’ve never posted it here and figured it was still pretty cool.  Here’s the pic via Vodkaster:

click on the map for high res

The Best Movies Of All Time Map

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