The Best 90-Minutes-or-Less Movies You Can Stream Right Now

     January 3, 2020


Movies: They’re too friggin’ long these days. Whether it’s a new blockbuster film in theatres demanding two and a half hours or more of your time, or a new streaming prestige piece from a notable auteur that reaches peaks of four hours, every contemporary filmmaker seems to have agreed that longer is better. How and why did this trend happen? Why do directors wish to test our patience — and bladders — so intensely? What happened to the particular pleasures of a tightly-paced film that gets in, says what it needs to say, and gets out? Who has the time to watch these long-ass movies all day?

If you, like me, love spending your leisure time with a good movie, but don’t have a ton of leisure time to spare, I’ve got your back with a list of some of the best movies available to stream right now — that happen to be 90 minutes or less. These flicks are proof that you can do a lot with a little, and are the perfect entertainment choice for those whose schedules are crammed enough as is. Here are the best 90 minutes or less movies you can stream right now. Because we all wanna watch a good movie — but who has the time?

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