The Best Movies to Play During a Halloween Party

     October 25, 2019

Halloween falls on a weekday this year, which means many of you may be getting ready to host or attend a festive Halloween party this weekend. That means creative costumes, spooky treats, and wicked concoctions are likely in your future, but if you’re the host of said party you may also be considering putting on some great Halloween movies to play in the background—that is, unless you’ve still got your “monster sounds” tape from the 90s and intend to throw that classic on instead.

Finding the perfect background movie can be tough. You want something recognizable that’s not going to demand every second of your guests’ attention, but also something that’s engaging enough that it can serve as an additional activity for those not crazy about making small talk for four hours. It’s a tough balance, so we’re here to help.

Below, you’ll find a rundown of the best movies to play during a Halloween party. These are spooky in nature, popular enough that most guests will recognize the familiar beats of the film, but also engaging enough to keep the festivities going late into the night. For ease of access, we’ve also noted where/if any of the films are available on streaming or playing on cable.

So check out the list below, and click here for an even larger list of great Halloween movies. Happy viewing!

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