The Best Movies to Watch on Mother’s Day

     May 13, 2018


Not sure what to do for Mother’s Day? Well, if you want to avoid the brunch crowds and keep it simple, settling in for a mom-centric movie marathon might just be the ticket and we’ve got some recommendations to keep you in the Mother’s Day spirit. If you’ve ever been seated next to your mother in the wrong movie (Say for example, American Psycho at age 15, which I’m still uncomfortable about to this day), you know the value of picking the right film when you’re getting into a movie with mom.

I tried to keep the list light and fun, the kind of stuff you would want to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, sitting around celebrating mom. That said, there’s a proud tradition of weepy motherhood dramas in the vein of Stepmom, Beaches, and Terms of Endearment that might be more your speed if you and your ma’ are the emotional types. So in advance, if you’re looking for mom dramas, you won’t find them here. However, if you’re looking for a good laugh or fun-filled Mother’s Day movie to queue up, check out the list below and sound off in the comments with your favorite mom-centric picks. Whatever you do, just don’t watch the movie Mother’s Day.

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