Watch These 16 Social Distancing Movies to Make Quarantine Less Lonely

     March 27, 2020


If you’re reading this, then by now you know the growing global concerns over the coronavirus pandemic have now affected nearly every aspect of our lives. It’s increasingly important we collectively embrace good health habits, including (but not limited to) washing our hands, self-quarantining at home to prevent spreading or contracting the virus, and social-distancing if we must go out for necessary supplies. But, for the most part, incorporating a self-quarantine or social-distancing habit into your daily life right now can feel a bit harrowing, even if you’re with friends and loved ones at home.

As we go on this journey together — but also apart, in our own little bubbles — the need to find movies which either help us escape and find comfort or relate to thanks to fictional circumstances which echo our own is strong. The shutdown of movie theaters has led us to rely on finding good movies to rent or stream which fall into these to categories. To this end, we present a round-up of movies which fall into the latter category, focusing on stories which force protagonists into survivalist scenarios, separate them from the pack, test their mettle against otherworldly circumstances, and remind us that going it alone as you live in a self-quarantine or social-distancing scenario doesn’t have to be scary.

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