Best Musical TV Shows (Sorry About Getting These Songs Stuck in Your Head)

     May 27, 2020


Music? Great. TV shows? Great. Musical TV shows? Buddy, now we’re cooking with gas!

If you’ve been needing some new binge-worthy shows in your life, and want those binge sessions to come stacked with catchy-ass tunes to get stuck in your head, look no further. While the history of the musical television show is still not as long and experimental as, say, the history of the musical film, there are still plenty of options to choose from, and plenty of honorable mentions left off this list (shout-outs to The Singing DetectiveTenacious D, and Nashville in particular).

\Producing a television show under standard circumstances is hard enough as is — adding the necessity of full-on musical numbers every episode, especially if the numbers are original? The hugest of props must be given to all cast and crew members on these shows for putting in the work. And now: You get to reap the rewards. Here are the 10 best musical TV shows you can watch right now. A five, six, seven, eight…