The Best New Movies On Demand Right Now

     May 2, 2020

If you’re at all familiar with this website, surely you’re aware of our “Right Now” series, in which our team of entertainment experts tells you the best movies to watch on Netflix or Amazon or Hulu or Disney+, or one of any number of streaming services. But today’s list is a little bit different, because you don’t have to subscribe to any of those streaming services to access these titles. No, all you need is money.

You remember money, right? It’s that green paper in your wallet that is probably crawling with the coronavirus. Or maybe you’re like me, and you hardly ever have any cash on you. Either way, money sure does come in handy at times like these. Not only will you need it to stock up on booze and toilet paper during the coronapocalypse, but it can be used to buy or rent new movies on digital platforms, aka, VOD, where prices range from $19.99 for super-new releases like The Hunt and The Way Back, which would still be in theaters right now if they were open, to $4.99 for smaller films like the riveting documentary Midnight Family.


Image via Universal Pictures

I haven’t seen every single movie available on VOD, but I’ve seen enough to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff with a fair amount of confidence. I’ll be updating this list throughout our current quarantine, so we’ll see if Arkansas or The King of Staten Island make the cut in the coming days. If something isn’t on here, like, say, Come to Daddy or Birds of Prey, it’s because I’m not recommending those films, especially not at their current prices.

So have a look below, and remember that your mileage may vary, seeing as my personal taste is a bit peculiar. Then again, how many articles have you read about Tread? You’ll be thanking me for that recommendation, trust me. Picking the right movie to watch on any given night is a fine art, so good luck, stay safe, and God bless. Just remember, there are no refunds!

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