Collider’s Best of the Week: Live-Action Lion King, Final Rogue One Trailer & More

     October 2, 2016

Welcome back to Best of the Week! We never stop trying to bring you fresh, new content so between and the Collider Videos YouTube channel, that’s a lot of material to keep up with on a weekly basis. To make things a little more manageable, we’ve got Collider Best of the Week, a show that runs every Saturday and covers all the highlights from and the Collider YouTube channel. You can expect to see clips from Movie Talk, Jedi Council, Heroes, TV Talk, Nightmares, junket interviews, written features and more. Basically, if it’s a big story, great original piece or a fun moment from one of the shows, you can see a snippet of it right here. Check out the latest episode of Best of the Week for yourself at the top of this article and for more on the shows featured and articles discussed, browse the links below:


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