TV’s Best One-Season Wonders

     January 31, 2018


For a TV show to even make it on the air is basically winning the lottery. For it to then go past one season is to belong to a surprisingly small club, especially on network television. The following series in our list of TV’s Best One-Season Wonders (of the modern era) sadly never got that chance — they either were cancelled during or directly after their inaugural runs. And while many mediocre or terrible series rightfully deserve their cancellation, these little gems definitely left us too soon.

We mourn the losses of such great and short-lived TV below. (Special thanks to my Collider cohorts Dave Trumbore, Adam Chitwood, and Chris Cabin, who added a few shows to the list that I regrettably haven’t seen, but deserved to be included). It’s also worth noting that the “low” ratings for a lot of these series are numbers that the networks (cable and broadcast) would kill for today. Alas.

Our list is unranked, but let us know your favorites in the comments, as well as any we missed. Keep in mind that this list is for shows that were able to complete their inaugural seasons — there are many other great series cancelled before they were even given that chance!