The 17 Best TV Shows You Should Finally Watch While Stuck at Home

     March 20, 2020

lost-dominic-monaghan-sliceLook, we’re not gonna’ sugarcoat it, things are looking pretty rough out there. Thanks to the rapidly-spreading coronavirus, we’ve basically hit the part of the movie where a scientist played by, like, Thomas Middleditch is saying “stay home or we won’t be able to contain this thing” and an army general played by a Clancy Brown-type is like “get this nerd out of my war room.” Don’t listen to the Clancy Brown-type, folks. Listen to Hollywood’s three dads, Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Take this seriously. Stay home if you can.

And while you’re home, think of the one silver lining: You have so much time to catch up on all that pop culture. If the sheer amount of choices is overwhelming, we’ve put together 15 series available to stream right now that you should finally check off your list. Some have an absurd amount of episodes to keep you busy. Some are basically stand-ins for socializing. Some are immersive enough to make you forget what’s outside your window. What they all are is great, and well-worth a distraction binge. So, without further ado, here are the 15 best TV shows you should finally watch while you’re stuck at home.