The Best Slasher Movies of the 21st Century So Far

     October 20, 2020


The golden age of slasher films is widely considered to have taken place from the mid-70s to the mid-80s, but just because the introductory days of Leatherface, Michael Myers and more are well behind us doesn’t mean that the beloved horror sub-genre is slowing down. We’re seeing a considerable amount of new releases lovingly embrace their iconic predecessors and a slew of other films carving wildly creative new paths of their own.

Traditionally, a slasher movie involves a masked killer picking off a group of unsuspecting victims. You will certainly find a lot of that on the list below, but it’s also a real thrill to get a broad view of all the different possibilities within that sector of film. We’ve got found footage horror, sociopolitical thrillers, satires, time loop stories, home invasion movies and so much more.

The traditional golden age or not, the slasher genre continues to thrive with filmmakers embracing the challenge to explore new perspectives, formulate unique styles and tones, churn out wildly inventive franchise-worthy concepts, and so much more. Check out a list of some of the best of the best the slasher genre has delivered in the 21st century thus far below.

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