The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2018

     February 4, 2018


The Super Bowl is here! Which means it’s time to talk about commercials. Indeed, the most-watched television event of the year isn’t simply a football game, it’s a platform for companies to tout their products to a massive amount of people at once. It doesn’t come cheaply, which is why the commercials that air during the Super Bowl are usually crafted with a bit more care and inventiveness than you normally see on TV.

There are breakout SuperBowl commercials every year, from the iconic “Aaron Burr” Got Milk ad to “Wassupp?” (remember the 90s?), but one thing a lot of these commercials have in common is they’re directed by big name filmmakers. Michael Bay directed the Aaron Burr spot, and last year we got an ad directed by none other than the Coen Brothers.

What will this year’s SuperBowl commercials bring us? What famous directors lent their talents to these unique ads? We’ll find out during the game, and over the next few hours we’ll be updating this post with the best SuperBowl commercials that air in between the bits of, you know, football. A few standout commercials were posted online prior to the game, so we’ve already gotten a head start with a very funny Pringles spot featuring Bill Hader, a new Pepsi spot with a nostalgic vibe, Keanu Reeves doing his thing, and of course there’s Dundee. Is it a movie? Is it an ad for Australian tourism? The answer looms closer, but whatever happens it remains one of the most star-studded instances of “trolling” in recent memory.

Of course there may also be a big emotional spot, which oftentimes goes to Budweiser, but last year came from a company called 84 Lumber with the Border Wall spot. Will we get something similarly political this year, or will it mostly be celebrities doing silly things?

Check out the best SuperBowl commercials of 2018 below, and refresh this page throughout the game as we update it with even more standout ads.