The 25 Best Superhero Movie Trailers of All Time, Ranked

     August 1, 2017


The trailer is an art form of its own, a short film designed to make would-be viewers want to see an upcoming movie. When it comes to movies based on already existing source material — i.e. the superhero film — trailers can be even more important, as they give fans an idea of what kind of adaptation they are in for.

In the era of the superhero film and the time of peak content, a superhero movie can be made or broken on the merits of its trailers. In other words: trailers are more important than ever when it comes to superhero films. With these qualifiers in mind, here is a list of the best superhero movie trailers of all time.

Before we begin, some disclaimers: For the purpose of this article, I’ve limited each superhero movie to one trailer per list. Logan can’t just be all of the spots, even if all of its trailers are great. Second, this list has nothing to do with the quality of the film the trailer is promoting. Some of these amazing trailers tricked us into believing the movie from which it drew was going to be amazing. Well played, trailer. Well played.

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