The 10 Biggest Superhero Moments of 2015

     December 29, 2015

best-superhero-moments-2015-sliceEach passing year, superhero movies and television programming represent a larger portion of the entertainment landscape. On television, Superheroes have a long, proud tradition of animated content with the occasional live action breakout like Wonder Woman or The Incredible Hulk, but over the last decade or so, interest in the genre has expanded from children and niche viewers to mainstream audiences at large…and superhero tv shows are cleaning up network by network. The CW got in the game early with Arrow and shows no signs of slowing down, ABC followed with Agents of SHIELD, FOX has Gotham, NBC tried with Constantine, CBS has Supergirl, and Netflix is setting the benchmark for superhero TV with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Don’t expect that to slow down anytime soon, either. Networks are either expanding on the programming they have with spinoffs and sister shows, or looking to get in the business with projects like Legion and The Hellfire Club at FX or the in-development Watchmen series at HBO. .

And the same is true of movies. Marvel Studios, who has reliably provided us with a hero fix every year since 2010, now delivers two movies a year and plans to up that number to three starting in 2017. At Warner Bros., the incubating DC Universe is about to launch in a big way with next year’s Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Fox is keeping the mutant world well represented by introducing a new generation in X-Men: Apocalypse and Gambit. As a result we’re seeing more superhero content than ever before, so as a send off to 2015 we’ve rounded up 10 of the major superhero moments from the last year. Watch the video countdown below video, or scroll through to read the list.

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