The Terminator Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

     November 5, 2019

With this past weekend’s release of Terminator: Dark Fate, the long-running action/sci-fi series now consists of a whopping six films, beginning all the way back in 1984 with the original The Terminator. In addition to launching the careers of star Arnold Schwarzenegger and writer/director James Cameron, the series has remained a more or less permanent fixture in pop culture, thanks to Schwarzenegger’s iconic look and performance as the T-800.

But six films is a whole lotta Terminator. That’s 13 hours of time-traveling hijinks, at minimum. So to help you navigate the franchise, I’ve gone ahead and ranked each film in the Terminator series using the infallible metric of my own personal taste. Read on to find out which Terminator movies you need to watch, which ones you can skip, and which ones you should toss into a machine press and/or hurl into a vat of molten steel.

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