The Best Thrillers on Hulu Right Now

     June 27, 2020


Thrillers have been a fan-favorite movie genre for decades. Sometimes you just want to get your blood pumping, you know? Going all the way back to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, there’s something about a story that can literally make your body chemistry change that’s almost magical. Otherworldly. Some are more tame than others, and there are various subgenres under the thriller umbrella—horror-thrillers, action-thrillers, mystery-thrillers—but they all evoke some basic human response that, to be quite honest, makes you feel alive.

And while we’ve already run down the best thrillers on Netflix and Amazon, we also wanted to highlight the best thrillers you can watch on Hulu, because this streaming service has a sneakily great library of movies to choose from. It can be hard to suss out the good from the bad, especially if you’re unfamiliar, so let us fix that for you. Below, check out our list of the best thrillers on Hulu right now.

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