The Best Time Loops of Film, TV, and Video Games

     July 14, 2020

groundhog-day-sliceIt’s a trope defined by one film, but like all fascinating tropes used so many other TV shows, films, and video games, the time loop has become a storytelling tool used by countless creators in the service of unique stories — most recently with the new Hulu film Palm Springs.

And like any tool, what makes them fascinating is they can be used in different ways. The list below focuses on Groundhog Day-esque narratives where each repetition resets everything — at least at the beginning, though for many of these narratives things eventually change from loop to loop. (This is why you won’t find time travel narratives like Terminator or Looper on this list.) But even with such restrictive criteria, there are still plenty of great stories told about what it’s like when you have the opportunity/curse to relive the same period of time, over and over again. Our favorites are below.

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