Every ‘Toy Story’ Movie and Short Film Ranked from Worst to Best

     June 18, 2020

toy story 2

2020 is a big year for the Toy Story franchise. It’s the 25th (!) anniversary of the first film and the 10th anniversary of the third. These are movies that reshaped not only the world of animation, but the way that viewers watch and process computer-generated characters. Up until Toy Story, CGI had mainly been utilized for creatures of some kind – the metallic villain of T2 or the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Computer generated images were used to inspire awe or terror. With Toy Story, you could actually understand what the computer-animated characters were feeling. The computer, that cold and calculating machine, was utilized expressly for emotion. And that cannot be overstated. Anytime in the past 25 years that you’ve found yourself choking up at a Pixar movie, or any computer-animated feat, you can blame on Toy Story. It made you soft.

So it’s with this spirit of reflection and warm remembrance that we look back at the entire Toy Story universe – not only the four feature films, but the spin-off animated pilot, the shorts and the holiday specials. The Toy Story universe is large and expansive. And we’re celebrating it all.

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