Year in Review: Top 10 Trailers of 2013

     December 25, 2013

4.) The LEGO Movie

I’m borderline in the tank for this movie, and I have to keep telling myself to try and keep my expectations in check.  That’s incredibly difficult when you see Abraham Lincoln flying away in his rocket throne.

3.) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I didn’t care for the movie, but it’s still a great trailer assuming you’re like me and have questionable taste in music.  I like Of Monsters and Men’s song “Dirty Paws”, and I think it’s used wonderfully here.  It also helps that the trailer has almost no dialogue and instead lets Stuart Dryburgh’s stunning cinematography do most of the talking.

2.) Gravity

The first trailer for Gravity got derisive chuckles when I saw it with an audience.  This trailer left them gasping.  Unsurprisingly, this one is a more accurate representation of the finished movie.

1.) Man of Steel

This is the best trailer of the year because it immediately makes me excited for a movie I’ve already seen.  It hits all the right beats from the moment Hans Zimmer’s score kicks in and we’re taken to the gorgeous sights of a dying Krypton (a setting worthy of a prequel).  We then move to the emotional bond between young Clark and his dad to the exhilaration of the action scenes to the triumphant tone before the title and then a playful note at the end.  Re-watching this trailer made me want to re-watch this movie.

man of steel poster

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