The 15 Best Trailers of 2018

     December 26, 2018


Trailers are their own industry now. In some cases, they tend to be more highly anticipated than the movie they’re selling. But they can also have their own artfulness as they walk the line between advertising and skillful editing. A good trailer stays with you when even the film may have faded.

Looking through the trailers of 2018 (to be eligible, a trailer had to be released in 2018 even if the film doesn’t come out until 2019), there were plenty of good ones (it looks like we’ve finally sloughed off the trend of sad cover songs), but these fifteen were the ones that stood out from the pack. They either put an unheralded movie on people’s radar or they found a unique way to sell a movie that could have just gone through the motions. Either way, they avoided predictable techniques to be more than just an advertisement and stand out as one of the best trailers of 2018.


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