The Best TV of 2019: Best Performances, New Series, Villain, and More

     December 30, 2019

With so many TV shows to choose from on broadcast networks, cable channels and various streaming services, there is no shortage of dramas and comedies, and those that are a mixture of the two—which means that there’s also no shortage of great storytelling. As someone who watches a large portion of those TV shows, I like to highlight the stand-outs each year.

And just because something isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve to be. It just means that with so many TV shows, featuring so much talent, and so many places to watch them, I can’t possibly watch all that there is, which means that I not only likely miss some good ones, but some great ones also slip through the cracks. Given all of that, here are my selections for the Best TV of 2019.

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*Be aware that spoilers are discussed*