The Best TV Shows with the Worst Titles

     November 13, 2018


Getting a TV show on the air in the first place is less likely than winning the lottery, and finding an audience for it can be an even more unlikely prospect (especially in this current state of Peak Television). But what doesn’t help a great show is having a bad title, which can turn audiences off before it can even get started. For some, like AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, it’s sheltered by a connection to a strong franchise, while others (like HBO’s Girls) were launched to great fanfare. For many series though, a bad title often means it is not long for this world (making some part of TV’s best one-season wonders).

Allison Keene, Chris Cabin, and Haleigh Foutch take a look at some of those terribly named series below that despite their titles, are (or were) really good. Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments as well, you Love Monkey, Studio 60, and Dirty Sexy Money fans (or even the ten of you who stuck around for AMC’s re-naming of Turn: Washington’s Spies). We feel your pain when having to convince friends that no, seriously, this show is actually good.