The 15 Best Episodes of ‘The West Wing’, Ranked

     November 6, 2018


Note: This Collider original feature was initially published on a prior date, but has been moved to the front page to further highlight our original content.

Given the omnipresence of politics in the current climate, we at Collider thought it was the perfect time to look back fondly at one of fiction’s great political stories: The West Wing. The NBC drama premiered in 1999 to rave reviews, and this brainchild of Aaron Sorkin would go on to set a record for the most consecutive Best Drama Series Emmys, with four wins in its first four seasons. The show is a brilliant drama about politics, about people, and about America, and while it suffered some criticism as simply “wish-fulfillment”, at its heart The West Wing is a story about good people trying to do good in the world. The Second Golden Age of Television has given us some tremendously complex and thoughtful dramas about antiheroes and morally ambiguous characters, but the deeply humanist undercurrent of The West Wing is just as compelling and still holds up incredibly well in today’s TV landscape.

So in our appreciation of the series, Collider’s own Adam Chitwood and Matt Goldberg have selected the show’s 15 best episodes and ranked them accordingly. Look back with us on one of the best TV shows ever made. And remember, decisions are made by those who show up.