The Top 10 Best Will Ferrell Movies Ranked

     July 1, 2020


Will Ferrell‘s new comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga debuted on Netflix this weekend and quickly became one of the streamer’s most popular movies at a time when America needed to laugh more than ever. Eurovision may not be quite as funny as some past Ferrell classics, but what it lacks in jokes it makes up for in heart, not to mention a handful of memorable songs, from “Volcano Man” to “Double Trouble.”

With Ferrell finding his comedy groove again after the misfire Holmes & Watson and a string of disappointing sequels, we felt it was time to look back on the comedian’s career and identify his 10 best movies from A to Z, or Anchorman to Zoolander to put it in terms his fans will understand.

Ferrell has been making me laugh since 1995, when I would stay up late to watch Saturday Night Live, though none of his SNL movies — A Night at the Roxbury, Superstar and The Ladies Man — made the cut, nor does this list account for his other hilarious TV turns as Deangelo Vickers on The Office, and Ashley Schaeffer on HBO’s Eastbound & Down.


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Ferrell is coming off a strong turn opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Downhill, but that marital dramedy was left off this list, as was his performance as Watergate journalist Bob Woodward in Dick. I also enjoyed Ferrell’s work in Daddy’s Home, and as Big Earl and the Starsky & Hutch movie, and opposite Adam McKay‘s daughter Pearl in the viral Funny or Die short “The Landlord.” Ferrell even voiced the villain in The LEGO Movie, one of the most successful animated films of the decade, but I couldn’t put that movie over something like Stranger than Fiction, which brought Ferrell his first and only Golden Globe nomination as a leading man.

One thing that jumped out while compiling this list was the sad realization that Ferrell donned brownface to play Dr. Evil’s Arab henchman Mustafa in the original Austin Powers movie. It was Ferrell’s first studio movie ever, and even though he’s very funny in that bit part, it was immediately disqualified from contention. Fortunately, we’re not here to dwell on that error in judgment, we’re here to celebrate the highlights of Ferrell’s film career, which has brought countless laughs to millions of people all over the world. Without further ado, here we go!

And for more on Eurovision, including whether Rachel McAdams sings her own songs in the movie, click here.

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