AMC Premieres Short BETTER CALL SAUL Teaser; February Premiere Date Confirmed

     August 11, 2014


As rumors (and facts) about AMC’s Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul continue to swirl, the network has released a (very short) teaser.  In it, a younger (at least, his hair is back to the color it would have been in 2002) Saul (Bob Odenkirk) speaks to an unknown character, explaining the benefits of having a lawyer.  The teaser also pegs the premiere date as being in February.  Hit the jump for the Better Call Saul teaser, and more on the series.

better-call-saul-bob-odenkirk-peter-gould-vince-gilliganIn our recent TCA interview, creators/showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould spoke about the uncertainties surrounding the series.  Gilligan said,

“It’s a leap of faith, or stupidity, into the unknown.  I thought it was going to be easy, going forward, because we know who this guy is.  But we didn’t really know who this guy is, at all, when you think about it.  He was a really interesting supporting character.  Peter and I have taken long, long walks around our old Breaking Bad writers’ offices saying, “Wait a minute, how does this work?”  It’s a very interesting process.  There are certain limits that you have obviously identified for yourself.  We know where this guy is going.  We can’t, for instance, in the first episode, have him lose an arm or an eye, or something like that.  He could have a glass eye.”

better-call-saul-bob-odenkirk-michael-mckeanGould went on to say,

“We know where the guy is going to end up, and we know that we’re going to bring him to that point.  We know it’s not the name he was born with.  And one of the questions that we ask ourselves a lot is, “What problem does being Saul Goodman solve?”  That was our kick-off point.”

The two also did not rule out seeing old favorites pop up, but that the show wouldn’t be beholden to them, with Gould explaining,

“These are all characters that we love.  There’s so much more to say about Gus, and we certainly love Giancarlo [Esposito].  Having said that, we’re trying to make something that stands on its own that has entertainment value, and that’s not just seeing a series of old favorites.  It’s not the series equivalent of a clip show.  So, we’re trying to balance these things out.”

As for new characters, Gould said,

“There are a lot of lawyers and crooks, which I know will come as a big surprise.”

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