Alan Paul’s Memoir BIG IN CHINA Optioned for Ivan Reitman to Direct

     March 22, 2011


Journalist Alan Paul’s memoir Big in China, chronicling his adventures in Beijing, has been optioned by Montecito Pictures as a possible directing vehicle for Ivan Reitman (No Strings Attached). While Reitman isn’t completely attached to the film just yet, THR reports that the project is currently out to writers, after which Reitman will probably decide if he wants to direct.

A stay-at-home dad, Paul picked up guitar while in Beijing and started a blues band. The memoir examines the East-West disconnect and captures a nation struggling to modernize. Hit the jump for a synopsis of the book.

big-in-chinaHere’s the synopsis for Big in China:

In this entertaining memoir, Paul recounts an unanticipated life-changing experience that began when his wife accepted a three-year work assignment in Beijing. After resettling their three young children from suburban New Jersey to China, Paul, a music and basketball journalist who played guitar only as a hobby, embarked on an exploration of local culture and music. The search prompted his transition from writing about music to being a bona fide rock star in the band Woodie Alan, a cross-cultural blues group named after Alan and his Chinese band member, Woodie Wu, a guitarist with a Stevie Ray Vaughn tattoo. Paul blogged about his Chinese experience and also wrote a column on it for the Wall Street Journal’s Web site. His story, however, is much more than a musical and journalistic victory dance. It’s equal parts family memoir, travelogue, personal analysis of globalization and expatriate communities, and a view of the world’s most populous nation through American eyes. [Amazon].

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