Watch: The ‘Big Mouth’ Cast Assembles for a Table Read That’ll Have You Chuckling

     March 29, 2020


You can always count on Big Mouth to liven things up when life’s feeling a bit too dull. Over the weekend, the cast of the Netflix animated series did exactly that, assembling over a Zoom conference call to do a table reading for charity.


Image via Netflix

On Saturday, series co-creator and star Nick Kroll got together with his Big Mouth pals to do a table reading of the Season 3 episode, “How to Have an Orgasm.” Joining Kroll on the conference call were plenty of familiar faces, including John Mulaney, Jessi KleinJason MantzoukasJenny Slate, Maya Rudolph,  Mark DuplassRichard KindPaula PellFred ArmisenPaul Scheer, and Jessica Chaffin as well as series co-creator Andrew Goldberg. Over the course of an hour-and-a-half, the Big Mouth cast brought to life an episode I (and hopefully you, too) enjoyed watching when Season 3 debuted back in October 2019. The “How to Have an Orgasm” episode memorably opens with a young Jessi (Klein) waking up from a particularly stirring dream and is then transported into a Price Is Right-like scenario where her Hormone Monster, Connie (Rudolph), cheers her on as she tries to have an orgasm.

The Big Mouth cast didn’t just assemble for the table read — although that would’ve been pretty great. The purpose of Saturday’s table read served the dual function of both delighting fans in seeing the cast back in action while also helping raise money for Feeding America, a non-profit hunger relief organization dedicated to helping feed Americans with the help of food banks, food pantries, shelters, and other community-based agencies.

Watch the Big Mouth cast do a table reading of Season 3’s “How to Have an Orgasm” episode below. For more, check out our round-up of the best animated shows on Netflix you can watch right now.