Bill Hader Explains Why Hard-R MACGRUBER May Not Suck

     August 11, 2009


Lorne Michaels’ decision to turn the minute-long SNL sketch of “MacGruber” (played by Will Forte) into a motion-picture has been deemed by some, to put it charitably, unwise.  We all shuddered at the thought of adding another pointless SNL-sketch movie to the pile of “The Ladies Man” and “Superstar” and then hiding in our box fort made out of “The Blues Brothers” and “Wayne’s World 1 & 2”.

But now Bill Hader has come down like a prophet to offer reassuring words in our time of doubt.  Hit the jump to start changing your opinion on “MacGruber”.

Speaking to NY Mag’s Vulture, Hader had this to say about “MacGruber”:

I read the script, and it’s like a hard-R comedy, and it totally works. It’s hilarious. It’s kind of in the vein of, like, eighties action movies, like there’s a very definitive bad guy. I don’t know if I can talk about the plot too much, but it’s hilarious. The thing that kind of blew my mind about it is that it’s like a HARD-R movie. I was like, “What is this? This is fucking ugly. You guys are really going to do this?” And they’re like, “Yup.” And I was like, “That is awesome. That is fucking hilarious.”

Since MacGruber has always been a parody of “MacGyver”, I don’t mind a parody of 80s-action movies.  Will Forte can kill in a supporting role and I think he has what it takes to be a leading comic performer and if Hader is right (and since Hader is always awesome, he is always right), then we may want to keep “MacGruber” on our radars for more than just mockery.


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