Hilarious Volkswagen Commercials Starring Bill Hader

     January 5, 2011


Volkswagen has made the wise decision to hire Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader to help pitch their 2011 models of the Tiguan, Jetta, and Touareg.  While most car commercials are painfully dull (Wow!  That new car is driving off road in an exotic location on a distant planet in the year 2372?  I must own it for my commute to the supermarket!), these commercials are painfully funny.  I have to give it up to Volkswagen for letting Hader be delightfully weird and even let loose some dark humor.  Most car commercials don’t have an actor staging an expedition into the roomy interior and warning that he might never be seen again.

Hit the jump to check out the commercials.  I congratulate Volkswagen on their work, even though they still won’t use the slogan I sent them: “We were founded by the Nazis, so there was really nowhere to go but up.”


[via Vulture]


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