Bill Murray Talks GHOSTBUSTERS 3 on Letterman

     March 1, 2010


As confirmed earlier this month, Bill Murray is going to be in Ghostbusters 3. I don’t think this was a huge shock to most people because he is the face of that franchise but it’s exciting to think of Murray being Dr. Peter Venkman yet again. Also recently we saw reports of the movie possibly shooting this summer. But this week Murray sat down with David Letterman and the two got to talking about both Ghostbusters 3 as well as the Ghostbusters video game.

Murray, at least on the show, claims that he would only be in the third installment of Ghostbusters if he was killed off early on in the film. He doesn’t seem too keen on the idea, saying he didn’t like Ghostbusters 2 even and that the third film was his “nightmare”.

For the video as well as everything we know thus far on Ghostbusters 3, hit the jump.

Here’s everything we know thus far:

  • Ghostbusters 3 will likely be 3D.
  • The film is being directed by Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Kindergarten Cop) and written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who co-wrote Year One together
  • All four of the original cast members are confirmed to return to the movie, with Sigourney Weaver still only rumored.
  • Dan Aykroyd told Empire Magazine last year that he had hoped Alyssa Milano would reprise her role as Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn from the Ghostbusters: Video Game.

The video doesn’t really add much more to the news, and I hope Murray is kidding about getting killed off in the first reel. He seems fairly negative on the franchise which is a shame. Some of us actually enjoyed Ghostbusters 2, I know I did.


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