Bill Murray Set to Recur in Quibi Series ‘The Now’ From the Farrelly Brothers

     November 15, 2019


Bill Murray famously has no agent or manager. So getting him to appear in a movie is no small feat. But speaking of small feats, Quibi, the upcoming short-form video platform aimed at today’s youth, has nabbed Murray for a recurring role in a comedy series from Green Book’s Peter Farrelly and his frequent collaborator brother Bobby Farrelly, according to Deadline. No word yet on the sort of role this is for the iconic actor.

The series, called The Now, stars Dave Franco (The Disaster Artist) as Ed Poole. When Ed discovers a secret from his past that may ruin his entire future, he decides to abandon what came before and release himself of any worries on the horizon. He commits to a new philosophy going forward: the only thing that will matter is the present—the now.


Image via Netflix

The series was written by Peter Farrelly, Steve Leff (The Ranch), and Pete Jones (Hall Pass). It also stars O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Straight Outta Compton), Daryl Hannah (Splash), and Jimmy Tatro (American Vandal).

With the streaming wars waging, it will be interesting to see how a service like Quibi competes when it launches next April. It already has more than $1 billion committed towards original content. Among its projects: Chrissy’s Court, a Judge Judy-esque reality show starring Chrissy Teigen; Spielberg’s After Dark, a horror series from—you guessed it—Steven Spielberg, that you can only watch at night; and 50 States of Fright, an anthology series from Sam Raimi.

The material is designed for on-the-go consumption, each of its series featuring episodes running only ten minutes or less. Jeffrey Katzenberg, who founded the company last year, is obviously attempting to capitalize on the YouTube generation of consumers—teens and pre-teens. It may be a shrewd business move, but in the long term, this is the sort of thing that could hurt the future prospects of traditional film and television, should Quibi succeed. What specifically is drawing these accomplished storytellers to this platform is a bit mysterious. Let’s hope it’s something more meaningful than merely the Katzenberg cash.