Billy Bob Thornton Moves FASTER in George Tillman Jr’s Upcoming Action-Drama Starring Dwayne Johnson

     October 27, 2009


Taking a break from making radio talk show hosts uncomfortable, Billy Bob Thornton has signed on to play opposite Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming action/drama (you’ll get all of the action and none of the fun!) FASTER.  Thornton was most recently seen in the action/unintentional-comedy flick “Eagle Eye”.  While he was also in “The Informers” which came out after “Eagle Eye”, no one saw “The Informers” so it doesn’t count.  Hit the jump for details on the plot for “Faster”, a movie that doesn’t believe in crap like “names”.

I already knew the logline for “Faster” (“an ex-con is bent on avenging the death of his brother, who was murdered 10 years earlier when the two were double-crossed during a heist.”) but I assumed it was just a generic, forgettable action film that further diminished Johnson’s once-glowing potential.  Instead, here’s how Variety describes the plot:

Johnson plays Driver, an ex-con out to avenge his brother’s murder. Thornton plays Cop, a veteran policeman who trails Driver as he races to settle with those responsible for the murder. Also in the mix is Killer, an egocentric hitman who’s after Driver. That role hasn’t been cast yet.

So the characters don’t have names?  First off, this gives me hope that brothers Joe Gayton (“Bulletproof”) and Tony Gayton (“The Salton Sea”) have come up with something off-kilter and exciting.  I hope director George Tillman Jr. (“Men of Honor”, “Notorious”) not only matches this vibe but commits to it on set by referring to every cast and crew member by their profession only.

Although, it could also be interesting if these characters were the only people in the film with these types of names.  I can just imagine Killer going into a bar and they check his ID:

BARTENDER: Alright, I see you’re over twenty-one Mr…Killer?

KILLER:  It’s just Killer.

BARTENDER: Oh, right.  Yeah, I see you don’t have a last name on your driver’s license…

KILLER: My parents were angry hippies.


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