Cathy Yan Wants ‘Birds of Prey’ on VOD — Which Is Exactly What Harley Would Do

     March 16, 2020


Didja see Birds of Prey, the latest and greatest DC movie? I mean “greatest” pretty dang literally — I found Cathy Yan‘s pop-punk fever dream to be a wildly experimental studio blockbuster full of incredible action choreography, much-needed “F you’s” to Suicide Squad, and phenomenal performances all around (especially from, it almost doesn’t need to be said, Margot Robbie). If you missed it in theaters — and are now stuck at home ’cause of that pesky coronavirus — Yan just threw up a Harley Signal of sorts to get the film available to rent digitally sooner than later.


Image via Warner Bros.

Y’see, Universal just announced that they’re putting some of their biggest 2020 theatrical releases on digital platforms for early rentals, including attention-grabbing titles like The Invisible ManThe Hunt, and Trolls World Tour. And Yan immediately took to Twitter, stating simply: “I would not be opposed to putting Birds of Prey on VOD earlier.” Has Warner Bros., the studio behind Birds of Prey, made any kind of announcements about throwing theatrically-running films on VOD? They have not. But now that Universal has proven it’s an option, Yan has thrown her support behind it, and many Birds of Prey stans are going HAM in the comments, I could only see it being a wise move for the WB. Folks are entertainment-starved in these self-quarantined times, and Birds of Prey could prove the perfect antidote. Besides — it’s exactly what that queen of anarchy Harley Quinn would do.

Check out Yan’s tweet below. For more on that fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn, check out our interview with the composer, our examination of the film’s feminism, and our interview with Yan herself!

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