BITCH SLAP – Comic-Con 2008

     July 30, 2008

Written by Nico

I have lived every heterosexual male’s fantasy. I walked into a hotel suite to be greeted by three beautiful women and… they’d been waiting for me.

Julia Voth (Trixie), Erin Cummings (Hel) and America Olivo (Camero) star in the upcoming film Bitch Slap and I had a chance to talk to them about the film, cleavage and orgasms.

As you can imagine, the three actresses were initially a bit hesitant with the script they received titled Bitch Slap, but by page twenty all were hooked.

After seeing enough interviews, you can tell the difference between fake and real excitement and all three actresses were brimming with the real deal while talking about Bitch Slap. I’m promised the current round of comparisons to Faster Pussycat Kill Kill don’t even scratch the surface of this movie. Though inspired by B-movies, modern techniques and writing drive the film. A back-story unfolding Momento-style, will reveal how these three women came together and your view of their relationship changes appropriately throughout.

“Camero was the last to be cast and I think they were desperate so they pulled me straight out of prison.” America said with a laugh. The prison riff would be a recurring element to the interview. “Everything a man gets to do in a movie, I get to do as Camero. Because we were allowed to go to the extreme of our personalities for the character, I found the Camaro in me … in real life someone would say I was being a bitch or an asshole or someone would say I was being abrasive and I’m scared and threatened and he’d step away. It’s really fun because it’s an aggressive part of me that I don’t get to show off.””

Associate Producer Brian Peck – “Erin [Cummings] came to my house for the call back for Hel and said, ‘If you don’t give me this role, I know where you live now.” Erin followed that up, speaking of her character of Hel, “She is someone who will tell you with pinpoint accuracy what she wants.”

On her character of Trixie, fresh-faced Canadian Julia said, “I based her a little bit on Betty Boop.” Her whiney, though winsome take on Trixie periodically followed her home. All three actresses truly came to embrace their characters.

After some allegations floating about, they wanted to go on the record as a group about their bodies. Erin led the charge “Wardobe is fantastic because we’re all natural right here, no silicon enhancements.” Of course they said this while looking at the poster and appreciating the stunning combination of their bodies and wardrobe. They let me know the breasts are real, the sweat is real and even some of the blood is real. This film was, quite literally, a work of blood, sweat and tears for all around.

When talking about their fight sequence, not only did America and Erin heap praise upon the work of Zoë Bell (Kill Bill, Planet Terror) who was given carte blanche to choreograph what they’ve said to be the world’s greatest girl fight (womano-e-womano), but they also took time to tease each other about what happens when you walk into an uppercut. Tread lightly around Erin, fellas; America can attest she can pack a punch.

America found out in the room that a song she recorded will make the final cut of the film. The former Soluna member found out they needed a song for Trixie’s strip club appearance and delivered her take on Ave Maria the very next day after a night of recording. This is just a notion of the team effort that went into the production.

Everyone in the room couldn’t say enough good things about the rest of the cast. Michael Hurst, forced to wear tiger thong underwear for most of the shoot, is “the Kenneth Branagh of Australia-Asia.” Fans of Xena and Hercules should get excited to know that Lucy Lawless, Kevin Sorbo and Renee O’Connor will also appear in Bitch Slap.

When I said the eight-minute fight scene made me think of They Live, the producer said, “You know that? This is right up your alley.” On top of everything, he also let slip from the back of the room that this film is the first part of a trilogy. No word on which women make it out alive, though.

When asked about the potential Christmas 2008 opening, Erin replied “We’ve got six perfectly wrapped presents right here.”

Julia said the only way to describe the film would be a “visual orgasm.”


Before I left, the trio took the time to pin me with lines from the movie.

The lines on the buttons –

“Meet me at the glory hole…”

“Daddy like…”

“Sluice my badger…”

“Grab my nuts and call me Sally…”

“I just got slapped…”

Reasons to get excited for Bitch Slap — There is a lesbian love scene. Hel has a fight scene in a shower where her towel gets ripped off.

If you can appreciate a genre-bending romp with beautiful women and interesting dialogue…

If you can appreciate an 8 minute long fight sequence between two beautiful women…

If you’re ready for a visual orgasm…

Keep Bitch Slap on your radar. I know I will. This movie promises all kinds of eye candy.

But you don’t have to take my word for it –

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