BITE SIZE Trailer: New Documentary Tackles the Struggles of Childhood Obesity

     March 10, 2015


The first trailer for the new documentary Bite Size has been released online. Directed by Corbin Billings, the film takes an intimate look at America’s childhood obesity epidemic by following the lives of four kids from diverse backgrounds who are fighting for their health. Our country’s struggle with obesity is no secret, and clearly many of these problems are rooted in childhood, so this is prime subject matter for a deep-diving documentary. This film in particular appears to focus primarily on the impact of childhood obesity at the personal level, bringing a degree of empathy to the proceedings by showing how being overweight impacts these specific kids.

Watch the Bite Size trailer below. The film is currently available exclusively on Vimeo and will hit other VOD platforms on March 24th. For more on the film, visit the official website.

Here’s the synopsis for Bite Size:

America’s battle against childhood obesity is an issue too big for many to fully comprehend. With one in three children overweight, the epidemic is sweeping our nation at an unforgiving rate. But in spite of these odds, Bite Size showcases the stories of four inspiring kids from diverse backgrounds who are fighting for their health one day at a time. Proving that it’s not just about the number on a scale, what really matters is learning what keeps you active and makes you happy.


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