Black Friday Shopping Tip: Don’t Buy HDMI Cables in Store

     November 26, 2009


I’m sure an HDTV is on many of our readers’ holiday wish lists (I know it’s on mine), but if you’re planning on buying one for yourself or for someone else, do not buy HDMI cables in store.  When it comes to their major electronics, stores make most of their money not from the big-ticket item but from the accessories they’ll encourage you to buy along with it.  That’s why when you go from store to store, you’ll see HDMI cables as high as $150 for a 10-foot cable.  That’s fine except you can go right here and get a 10-foot HDMI cable for $11.90 with $5.95 USPS priority shipping.  Don’t let your “too-good-to-be-true” radar go off.  One cable isn’t $140 better than the other.  They’re the same and they do the same job.  Talk to any tech-savvy person you know (and savvy in that they actually understand technology, not that they own a lot of expensive tech) and they will straight up laugh in your face if you tell them you bought a 10-foot HDMI cable for 150 bucks.  It will be really embarrassing.  Happy Holidays.

Just so you know, Collider has no deal with but they are the cheapest place you’ll find reliable electronic equipment and they have a solid return policy too.  We just don’t want to see you waste cash on something when you don’t have to.  You can also click here if you need a more technical explanation of why dropping so much money on an HDMI cable is ridiculous.


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