New ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Trailer Reveals David Slade’s Dystopian “Metalhead”

     December 3, 2017


The run-up to Black Mirror‘s fourth season continues on. After teasing singular episodes ranging from Jodie Foster‘s “Arkangel” to “Crocodile” and “Black Museum”, Netflix has now released our first look at “Metalhead,” the episode helmed by longtime Hannibal director David Slade, also known for horror movies like Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night.


Image via Netflix

Shot entirely in black-and-white from the look of things, “Metalhead” stars Maxine Peake as what seems like a rare survivor of some sort of dystopian act that leaves her wandering around for supplies while communicating by walkie-talkie. There’s a car chase at some point, and at least one shot confirms that Slade’s penchant for horror will be utilized. There’s some talk about dogs that leads me to believe that the animals represent some catastrophic danger in this world, but Netflix has proven surprisingly elusive in explaining exactly what the plot is with some of these episodes. Where “Arkangel” seems pretty straightforward, “Metalhead” and “Black Museum” seem a bit more enigmatic, if also vaguely familiar.

It’s still unclear when the latest batch of episodes from Charlie Brooker will arrive on the streaming platform, which makes me think that they might be trying a surprise drop around the holidays. For someone who has always found the show more clever than insightful, the real hope is that one of these episodes will feel as relevant and resonant as last season’s “San Junipero,” which featured career-best work from the likes of Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Otherwise, all these episodes might turn out to be little more than the curse-laden screed your alcoholic uncle unleashed at Thanksgiving when he noticed everyone was looking at their smartphones instead of listening to him complain about how the cashier at the booze store giving him, as he puts it, the “stink eye.” Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Here’s the trailer for “Metalhead”:

Here’s the poster for David Slade’s “Metalhead”: