Is BLACK PANTHER One of Marvel’s Unannounced Upcoming Films?

     June 5, 2012


With the release (and subsequent smashing success) of The Avengers, Marvel Studios completed “Phase One” of their feature film slate.  While the entirety of Phase Two has yet to be mapped out, we know that it definitely includes the in-production Iron Man 3, and the soon-to-begin-production Thor 2 and Captain America 2.  Marvel president Kevin Feige recently revealed that there are two unannounced films currently in development at the studio.  The Avengers 2 is a forgone conclusion, but we’ve heard rumblings of a number of other films that may or may not be close to the finish line in the development process.

Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man has had a well-publicized development and could very well be close to production, and Feige has dropped hints about Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans feature films.  However, a trusted source now claims that one of those two unannounced films is Black Panther.  Hit the jump for more.

black-panther-movie-marvelThough rumors for Marvel films come and go in large quantities, news of Black Panther comes from a proven source: Latino Review.  They confirmed Thanos’ appearance in The Avengers a really long time ago, and their reporting on Marvel films has been solid.  So, given the source, it certainly appears that Black Panther will be coming soon to a theater near you.  For those unfamiliar with the character, here’s a rundown from Wikipedia:

The title “Black Panther” is a rank of office, chieftain of the Wakandan Panther Clan. As chieftain, the Panther is entitled to eat a special heart-shaped herb, as well as his mystical connection with the Wakandan Panther god, that grants him superhumanly acute senses and increases his strength, speed, stamina, and agility to the peak of human development. He has since lost this connection and forged a new one with another unknown Panther deity, granting him augmented physical attributes as well as a resistance to magic.

His senses are so powerful that he can pick up a prey’s scent and memorize tens of thousands of individual ones. T’Challa is a rigorously trained gymnast and acrobat, showing mastery in various African martial arts as well as contemporary ones and fighting styles that belong to no known disciplines.

I’m not incredibly familiar with the character, but it’s encouraging to see that Marvel is branching out; Latino Review claims that the studio is going hard after urban audiences.  The studio has been dropping hints about Black Panther for some time now, with Wakanda showing up on the map in Iron Man 2 and Captain America’s shield being made out of Vibranium, a fictional mineral that surfaced in Wakanda as the result of a meteorite crash.

A Black Panther film has been in development at Marvel for a few years, with Mark Bailey tapped to write the script in January of last year.  Apparently that script is top-notch, which explains Marvel moving forward with the property at this time.  Now, commence dream casting in the comments!


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